Extreme Delta Sports

Famed writers like Erle Stanley Gardner paint an idyllic picture of the Delta as large network of lazy meandering channels where recreationists and retirees enjoy the slow life fishing, boating, and lounging in and around the water. And that’s an easy impression to have until you witness a kiteboarder soar over the rigging of your sailboat out near Sandy Beach! Gaze a little deeper into the muddy Delta, and one thing becomes crystal clear: there is a thriving extreme sports sub-culture throughout.

Visit Sherman Island on Labor Day weekend to witness what is quickly growing to be one of the most popular ways to take advantage of the most consistent thermal wind currents West Coast – kiteboarding. The concept is simple: strap on a parachute, jump on a specially designed board, and… lift off! “Kiters” can take advantage of the big winds to get big airs, or ride low and “skim” the waves at up to 20 mph!

Sherman Island is also a great spot for windsurfing – kite boarding’s close cousin. If you would like to ditch the parachute or the sail for horsepower, try wakeboarding behind a speedboat out in Discovery Bay.

“Land-lubbers”, don’t fret! Extreme sports are not limited to the water in the Delta. The First Annual Delta Dirt Jam was recently hosted by College Cyclery in the City of Clarksburg. Professional BMX riders from throughout the state convened to compete for prizes for the biggest airs, amongst other tricks, by soaring dozens of feet into the sky off specially designed dirt ramps.

If you are an extreme sports fanatic, whether land or sea, the Delta is the place to be!

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