Legacy Communities: Courtland

London native James V. Sims is credited with the founding of Courtland in 1870. The town’s large wharf was important to fruit shipments from nearby pear ranches, and after 1900 the town also benefited from the asparagus boom. Early photographs show a bustling community complete with social halls, grocery stores, a bank, a service station and the iconic Courtland Market, one of the most recognized buildings in town.

Though small, Courtland’s Chinatown served a large Chinese population, many living on surrounding farms.  Today, Courtland’s city center includes Chinese architecture and an outdoor museum featuring farming equipment from  Chan’s Diversified Farms.

1Wallace Chan Farms
11691 State Highway 160, Courtland

2Steamboat Acres
15989 Sutter Island Road, Courtland

3Sacramento River Delta Grown

4Courtland Docks
11740 State Highway 160, Courtland

5Steamboat Landing
12414 State Highway 160, Courtland

6Tony's Tacos
Highway 160 at Paintersville Bridge, Courtland
Food Truck on the East side of the River

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