Transport Communities: Stockton

The establishment of Stockton coincided with the rush for gold.  By May 1850, Stockton’s residents may have numbered 2,400, with an additional “floating” or transient population of 2,000.  The growing town became an important “goods-forwarding” site although winter rains often hampered transport efforts.

Stockton is distinguished by several “firsts.”  The early survey of the town gave Stockton the distinction of being the first planned community in California.  The City of Stockton, the name bestowed in honor of Commodore Robert F. Stockton, was the first in the state to be given a name that was not of Spanish or Native American origin.

1Kayak City
1818 Fremont Street, Stockton, 209.462.5400

2J & H Marine
401 San Jose Street, Stockton

3Honker Cut Marine
11500 8 Mile Road, Stockton, 209.476.0103

4Mandeville Tip Park
San Joaquin River, Stockton

5Mister Space Self Storage
2972 Swain Road, Stockton, 209.476.0800

6Pacific Boat Services
8090 Rio Blanco Road, Stockton, 209.334.2127

7Holiday Harbor Marina
11540 8 Mile Road, Stockton

8Opportunity Cruises
445 Weber Avenue, Stockton

9Hilton Stockton
2323 Grand Canal Boulevard, Stockton, 209.957.9090

10H & R Bait & Tackle
1850 Charter Way, Stockton, 209.463.1938

11Coco Bait Tackle & Deli
11530 8 Mile Road, Stockton, 209.472.1380

12Chitiva's Salsa & Sports
445 Weber Avenue, Stockton, 209.941.8605

13Carlson Boatel
1874 Field Avenue, Stockton, 209.462.6018

14Delta Marine Sales
1302 Fremont Street, Stockton, 209.463.0384

15Ebony Boat Club Clubhouse
445 Weber Avenue, Stockton, 209.395.7357

16Garlic Brothers Restaurant & Bar
6629 Embarcadero Drive, Stockton, 209.474.6585

17Elite Auto & Marine Detail
2099 Fremont Street, Stockton, 209.992.3313

18Paradise Point Engine and Boat Repair
8090 Rio Blanco Road, Stockton, 209.952.3383

19Port of Stockton
2201 Washington Street, Stockton, 209.946.0246

20Gew Mansion
345 Clay 177, Stockton

21El Dorado Elementary School
1540 Lincoln 177, Stockton, 209.933.7175

22Sperry Office Building
146 Weber 5, Stockton

23Nippon Hospital
25 Commerce 177, Stockton

24Old Weber School
55 Flora 177, Stockton

25Sunset Waterfront Warehouse
445 Weber Avenue, Suite 120, Stockton, 209.464.7243

  • In the Stockton Waterfront Warehouse.

26Bob’s At The Marina
6639 Embarcardro Drive, Stockton, 209.957.3279

27First Building in Stockton Site
425 El Dorado 177, Stockton, 916.445.7000

28Buckley Cove Boat Launch
Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, 209.937.8206

29Thornton Road Bait & Tackle
9242 Thornton Road, Stockton, 209.473.2239

30Stockton Rowing Club
4954 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton

31Septic Brothers
6649 Embarcadero Drive, Stockton, 209.329.0768

32University Plaza Waterfront Hotel
110 Fremont Street, Stockton, 209.944.1140

33West Marine (Stockton)
1810 Field Avenue, Stockton, 209.464.2922

34Swensen Park
6803 Alexandria Place, Stockton

35Oak Grove Regional Park
4520 8 Mile Road, Stockton, 209.953.8800

36Children's Museum of Stockton
402 Weber Avenue, Stockton, 209.465.4386

37Breadfruit Restaurant
8095 Rio Blanco Road, Stockton, 209.952.7361

38McLeod Park
Fremont Street, Stockton

39Marina West Yacht Club
4950 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, 209.483.5218

40Louis Park
Monte Diablo and Occidental Street, Stockton, 209.937.8206

41Morelli Park
1025 Weber Avenue, Stockton, 209.937.8206

42Paradise Point Marina
8095 Rio Blanco Road, Stockton, 209.952.1000

43RiverPoint Landing Marina Resort
4950 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, 209.951.4144

  • Located on the Stockton Deepwater Channel at Buckley Cove
  • 30 sites with water view
  • Electrical/Water

445 Star Marina
345 Yosemite Street, Stockton, 209.466.7223

45Port of Stockton Yacht Club
3235 River Drive, Stockton, 209.466.5413

46Little Venice Island
15151 8 Mile Road, Stockton, 209.474.0200

47Ladd's Marina
4911 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, 209.477.9521

48Calaveras River Bike & Jog Path
Buckley Cove to Cherokee Road, Stockton

49Bullfrog Landing Marina
17251 Bacon Island Road, Stockton, 209.465.9610

50Buckley Cove Park
4911 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, 209.937.8206

51Cruiser Haven Yacht Club
11530 8 Mile Road, Stockton

52Delta Yacht Club
1 Tule Island, Stockton, 209.463.6063

53King Island Resort
11530 8 Mile Road, Stockton, 209.951.2188

54Fritz Grupe Park

55Tinsley Island / St. Francis Yacht Club
14344 Tinsley Island Road, Stockton, 209.607.3199

56Stockton Rod & Gun Club
3120 Monte Diablo Avenue, Stockton, 209.466.9992

57Stockton Water Ski Club
38.042079,-121.5028, Stockton

58Windmill Cove Marina & RV Park
7600 Windmill Cove Road, Stockton, 209.948.6995

  • Located on the Stockton Deepwater Channel

59Weber Point Yacht Club
Stockton, 209.473.7208

60CWC Ranch
Empire Tract, Stockton

61Noble Yacht Group
Little Tinsley Island, Stockton

62Bay Yachts
445 Weber Avenue, Stockton, 209.469.4600

63All Out Yacht Care
1101 Douglas Road, Stockton, 209.477.2501

64Stockton Downtown Marina
333 Tuleburg Levee, Stockton, 209.462.4200

65Village West Yacht Club
6649 Embarcadero Drive, Stockton, 209.478.8992

66Tiki Lagun Resort & Marina
12988 McDonald Road, Stockton, 209.464.2980

67Stockton Yacht Club
3235 River Drive, Stockton, 209.946.9259

68Stockton Sailing Club
4980 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, 209.951.5600

69Turner Cut Resort
12888 Neugebauer Road, Stockton, 209.465.4129

70Union Point Marina
14201 Highway 4, Stockton, 209.948.4294

71Village West Marina
6649 Embarcadero Drive, Stockton, 209.951.1551

72Van Buskirk Park
734 Houston Avenue, Stockton, 209.937.7358

73American Legion Park
Walnut Street, Stockton, 209.937.8206

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