Transport Communities: Antioch

The Smith brothers, William and Joseph, founded Smith’s Landing in December 1849.  Smith’s Landing was eventually renamed Antioch and it became a significant gateway settlement, maintaining regular trade in surplus produce and hay with San Francisco.  From its early beginnings, Antioch has been a place of successful commercial activity.  Trade with San Francisco was established early and the discovery of mineral resources including coal in the hills south of Antioch (1859) and copper ore (1863) added to the city’s importance as an early industrial center.

In the early 1900s, beaches and bootlegging were important aspects of Antioch’s early identity and ties to the Delta.  In 1919, the Eighteenth Amendment prohibited the manufacturing, sale and distribution of liquor.  Italians and other groups who had a tradition of winemaking built stills in their basements and barns and began producing and distributing illicit alcoholic beverages throughout the Delta.

1Inland Marine Sales & Service
1600 10th Street, Antioch, 925.757.1714

2Mello's Bait & Tackle
3 Marina Plaza, Antioch, 925.754.1417

3Gotcha Bait & Tackle
3500 18th Street, Antioch, 925.706.7400

4Delta Kayak Adventures
3627 Garrow Drive, Antioch, 925.642.5764


5Contra Loma Regional Park
1200 Fredrickson Lane, Antioch, 510.562.7275

6S & H Yachting Center
6180 Bridgehead Road, Antioch, 925.757.3621

7San Joaquin Canvas
801 6th Street, Antioch, 925.778.6628

8Roswell Butler Hard House
815 First 177, Antioch

9Riverview Union High School Building
1500 First 177, Antioch

10The Red Caboose Restaurant and Lounge
210 Fulton Shipyard Road, Antioch, 925.777.1921

11Sporting Edge
2005 Somersville Road, Antioch, 925.754.8800

12Bridgehead Marine Service
30 Fleming Lane, Antioch, 925.757.7500

13Antioch Fishing Pier
Bridgehead Road at Wilbur Road, Antioch, 888.327.2757

14Lloyd's Holiday Harbor
415 Fleming Lane, Antioch, 925.757.2346

15Antioch Riverfront Promenade
A Street, Antioch

16Antioch Oakley Regional Shoreline
Bridgehead Road at Wibur Road, Antioch, 510.544.2753

17Antioch Public Launch Ramp
Foot of Fulton Shipyard Road, Antioch, 925.779.6957

18New Bridge Marina
6325 Bridgehead Road, Antioch, 925.757.1500

19Riverview Lodge Restaurant
I Street Wharf, Antioch, 925.757.2272

20Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge
Shipyard Orchard, Antioch, 707.769.4200

21Sportsmen Yacht Club
3301 Wilbur Ave., Antioch, 925.753.1444

22San Joaquin Yacht Harbor
3307 Wilbur Avenue, Antioch, 925.757.9883

23Bridge Marina Yacht Club
20 Fleming Lane, Antioch, 925.706.1187

24Antioch Municipal Marina
5 Marina Plaza, Antioch, 925.779.6957

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