Great Delta Trail

In 2006, the California Legislature authorized a plan to adopt the “Great California Delta Trail”. The Delta Trail is intended to be a continuous regional recreational corridor extending through the Delta, including the shorelines in all five Delta counties, and linking the San Francisco Bay Trail system to the Sacramento River trails in Yolo and Sacramento Counties.

The Delta Trail is also intended to link to park and recreational facilities and land and water trail systems throughout the Delta.

The Big Break Regional Shoreline Trail in the City of Oakley begins at the Big Break Visitor Center and continues three miles to the Salt Creek Marsh Trail. Big Break holds many family friendly activities and a list of them can be found through their calendar.

In the City of West Sacramento, three segments were added to the Delta Trail network.  The Clarksburg Branch Line Trail extends approximately 4.3 miles from South River Road to the southern limit of the City.  This “rails to trails” project (Yolo Short Line) is paved for 1.3 miles and provides access to Southport Town Center, River City High School and West Sacramento Recreation Center.

The Riverwalk Trail is a 1.3-mile public promenade along the west bank of the Sacramento River.  The trail extends north and south from the iconic Tower Bridge and includes public art, places to rest and education about settlement of the area and the natural habitat of the river.

The Sycamore Trail provides access to Westfield Village Elementary School and is .55 miles long. In years to come it will connect to the Clarksburg Branch Line Trail.

Stay tuned as the Eastern Blueprint for Sacramento, Yolo and San Joaquin Counties is on the horizon.  The study area for the Eastern Blueprint includes 6 cities (Isleton, Lathrop, Tracy, Stockton, Sacramento and West Sacramento), and numerous Delta communities, including: Courtland, Hood, Locke, Walnut Grove and Clarksburg.

In the meantime, the DPC continues seeking to link trails that exist or already planned for and managed at local level for inclusion in the Great California Trail network.  If you are interested in Trail updates, join the Commission’s mailing list, [email protected]

Visit the Beta site for the Great California Delta Trail and share your feedback at [email protected]!

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