Stories of the Delta

The Delta’s stories range back in time and will continue to unfold into the future. These are the stories of the people who made the region their home: the Native Americans and later settlers who worked the land, people who founded businesses, and those who harnessed the Delta’s most valuable asset, its water. The towns that comprise the Delta region also have their own stories: those of development, growth, abandonment, and now a reassessment of the role they play in the history that is the California Delta.

View of the Isleton bridge in the Delta

Great Delta Trail

A continuous regional recreational corridor extending through the Delta, including the shorelines in all five Delta counties, and linking the San Francisco Bay Trail system to the Sacramento River trails in Yolo and Sacramento Counties.

Aerial view of the San Joaquin River

Delta Narratives

Delta Narratives communicate the historic and cultural importance of the Delta region in California’s – and America’s – history, through multi-format educational exhibits within and around the Delta.

Boiled crawdads in a bucket for a food festival

Delta Food Features

The Delta region has a great wealth of agricultural resources that supply food and food products to all parts of the United States.

Red truck parked at the Delta Farm Stand

Delta Life

The Delta region is steeped in the history of the people who settled the area — from the Native Americans who dwelt on the land to the modern-day farmers who work the land to produce crops that help feed the nation.

Bird taking flight in the Delta

Delta Wildlife

The California Delta is a wonderland of wildlife, with large-scale preserves that attract hundreds of bird species. One of the most iconic is the Sandhill Crane, which travel up to 400 miles each year to return to the Delta.

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