1Miner Slough Wildlife Area
north of Rio Vista, BOAT ONLY, 707.944.5500

2Calhoun Cut Ecological Reserve
15 miles south of Dixon on Highway 113, BOAT ONLY, 707.944.5500

3Decker Island Wildlife Area
3 miles south of Rio Vista at the north end of Decker Island on the Sacramento River, BOAT ONLY, 707.944.5500

4Clifton Court Forebay

5Skyrakers Duck Club

6Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area
45211 County Road 32B, Davis, 530.757.2461

7Yolo Flyway Farms
34284 Corcoran Hill Lane, Davis

8Senator Outing
46005 Road 38, Dixon, 707.678.5009

9Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge
1624 Hood Franklin Road, Elk Grove, 916.775.4421

10Cosumnes River Preserve
13501 Franklin Boulevard, Galt, 916.684.2816

11Veale Pheasant Club
4211 Delta Road, Knightsen, 510.625.6000

12White Slough State Wildlife Area
Woodbridge Road, Lodi, 707.944.5500

13La Fargue Hunting & Fishing Lodge
4300 Sandmound Boulevard, Oakley, 925.963.1833

14Winter Island Duck Club
Alley, Pittsburg

15Rhode Island Wildlife Area
Rhode Island, 707.944.5500

16Lower Sherman Island Wildlife Area
Hwy 160 to Sherman Island Rd. to Mayberry Slough near confluence of Sacramento River.  BOAT ONLY, Rio Vista, 916.445.0411

17Franks Tract State Recreation Area
Between Webb Tract, Holland Tract, Bethel Island and Mandevill Island, Rio Vista, 916.777.6671

18Hastings Island Hunting Preserve
7758 Hastings Island Road, Rio Vista, 707.678.3325

19CWC Ranch
Empire Tract, Stockton

20Double M Farms
13171 Grand Island Road, Walnut Grove, 916.775.1827

21Yolo Basin Farms

22Venice Island Duck Club


24Bull Sprig Outing


26H-Pond Ranch

27Channel Ranch

28Glide In Ranch

29Lucky Five

30Laurel G Ranch

31Yolo Ranch




35Macero Duck Club

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