Woodbridge Ecological Reserve

Bring along your favorite birding book and binoculars to help you identify the birds at the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, which is also known as the Isenberg Crane Reserve. Sandhill cranes, and other migratory birds, flock to the area in the fall and winter, which offers bird watchers incomparable viewing of cranes feeding, loafing and roosting.

Come out on a tour during the “Season of the Sandhill Crane” from October through February. Tours involve very little walking so bring a chair and observe the wintering waterfowl and hear a presentation on cranes and their habitat. Every November, join the fun at the Lodi Sandhill Crane Festival!

The south site of the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve is open every day of the year during all times of the day. Enjoy the sunrise or watch the sunset and experience the diversity of this space. Interpretive panels at the site provide information about the Sandhill cranes and other birds that use the reserve as their home.

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